Glass in Canada: a virtual museum

10,000 PHOTOS from windows as early as 1533

MAP & Lists of Cities/Provinces

Queen Elizabeth II Window, designed by David Hockney | View Piece

Willemina Geddes window in St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church

War Torn Women 1919 | View Piece

Giniigaaniimenaaning (Looking Ahead) “The Apology” Window, 2012 Parliament of Canada | View Piece

Art Tragedy for Vancouver: Adam and Eve of 1533 in the Cosmic Wheel of God’s Creation | View Piece

A Holocaust Scene in Regina: Prisoners and Captors. Germany, 1990. | View Piece

Buffalo Runners: the Hunt (after Remington) Winnipeg, 1907 | View Piece

Toronto: “The Union of Commerce and Industry” 1898, with a Significant Omission | View Piece

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Click a Province to explore 10,000 photos from buildings among thousands of Canada’s steadily disappearing heritage structures.


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Focused looks at major themes in Canadian and international stained glass, including Indigenous content, Canadian Landscapes, War Memorials, Animals, and Studios.

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